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100 Follower Giveaway
When I reach 100 followers, four Wonderlanders will be chosen to receive a $5 gift card at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble (and those of you who have Kindles or Nooks know this can mean up to $5 books). Two will be chosen for the highest number of comments and the other winners will be selected at random. All you have to do is follow, no other action is necessary to be entered in the drawing.

I will email you if you are a winner. You must reply this email and tell me your preference between Amazon and BN or another name will be drawn after a week.

Wonderland Current Population (Total from All Follower Widgets): 39

Current Leaderboard for First Two Prizes (Other Two are Drawn at Random)
2 points for comment on book review
1 point for comment on meme

Maria @ A Night’s Dream of Books 14
Katrina @ Kindred Dreamheart 9
Rapunzel @ Escape the Tower 9
Vivi @ Vivaciously, Vivian 7
Steph @ Steph’s Stacks 7

If you get on the leaderboard, you will be emailed. If you would like to receive a monthly email about rankings, email me at annie-in-wonderland@live.com.

30 Follower Giveaway
Thank you to all those who helped me reach thrilling thirty! Emails have already been sent to my first 30 followers, who are all eligble for an ebook each. Some of you have not replied the message I sent (most likely to the email associated with your Blogger account as that’s the only Follow widget I had at the time). You can still email me now at annie-in-wonderland@live.com if this is you and you have not received your ebook yet. I still have some which have not been sent out.

Thank you Citizens, Residents, and Natives of Wonderland, and happy reading!


  1. This is so cool. Thanks for the giveaway, Annie. Glad I made the cut!



    1. You're welcome Katrina! Thanks for being a Star Citizen 🙂


  2. Yaaah~!! That's the spirit, Annie! <3 Early planning FTW! Heehee, I feel super honoured to be on your Leaderboard! Nice giveaway too, I'm looking forward to it! *o*

    Oh, and about the email..hmmm.. most likely went to viyemelle@yahoo.ca, but if you want to reach me quickly in the future, manshu1006@yahoo.ca is probably better!


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