Monday, July 16, 2012

Cover Reveal: Guardian and Avengers (Halflings #2 & 3)

I know I’m kind of behind the curve with this post, as I’ve been traveling around the globe this summer. But Halflings is my favorite of all the series that have come out in the last year so I’d like to share this moment with you. Fellow fanlings, the covers for GUARDIAN (October 9, 2012) and AVENGER (March 19, 2013)!

There are two covers for Guardian – I favor the one above. To me it strongly resembles Nikki from the first cover, but more serious and determined, now that she is aware of the warfare around her. One of the things I loved most about her is that she is no damsel in distress: she tries to be the savior of the very ones that came to protect her. I feel like the more daring look of the cover above reflects that well. 
And below is the author’s personal favorite cover of the entire series so far:
What do you fanlings think? Cover 1 or Cover 2 for Guardians? Do you have a favorite cover in the series right now?

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